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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Check Out This New Blog, La Salle River Ramblings

EDIT 9/21/14: This blog has been resurrected with the new name of Flatlander's Ramblings

I picked up a new follower the other day which is great, I need all the readers I can get, but more importantly I became a follower to my follower!  VW Busman started a new blog:

La Salle River Ramblings

Flatlander's Ramblings

and I am excited about it.  He has several excellent blogs already on rebuilding old trucks which will appeal to those with such an interest, but his new blog should have a wider appeal.  He has some posts going already and he writes in the style of our mutual late hero John Jerome.  I very much enjoy his work.  Not only does he have a talent for writing but he has a keen eye for framing beautiful photos.  There is a stark boldness about his photos of winter in Manitoba that just pervades my Soul with loneliness.   I have included one of his photos here.  As I read his posts, I feel like I am reading a letter from an old friend.  I feel that we may be kindred Souls--well kindred weirdos anyhow--few people love walking down railroad tracks.  We certainly have many of the same interests and sensitivities. Check out his blog, I think you will be delighted.

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  1. Sextant; you are too kind with your heaps of praise. And I thank you. I, like you, would like to share my little corner of the world with other kindred souls. It is my fondest wish that others like you will share my interest in exploring the everyday ordinary and marvel in it. Everyday that we can wake up and put our feet on the ground, is a good day. A day to relish.
    No worries.

    Glen aka VW Busman