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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harry Houdini's 137th Birthday Google Doodle Masthead

Damn a Google Doodle Masthead and I am on this stupid business trip working God awful hours and have no time to write anything.  Well look on the bright side, the world is saved yet another bunch of blather on a subject in which I know nothing about.

Well I think I remember one thing about Houdini.  He died from the trauma he received by betting people that he could take any blow to the gut that they could deliver.  What a stupid way to die.  OK I couldn't resist, I looked it up in Wikipedia, apparently the blows were delivered before Houdini could properly tighten his abdomenal muscles.  Still what a stupid way to die.  Chalk one up for testosterone.  I wonder if the individual delivering the blows took some pride in defeating Houdini?  Idiots, both!  Sorry but I just don't see the glory in being able to withstand punches to the gut. 

Wikipedia lists Houdini as an "escapologist".  I don't believe I have ever heard that term before.  I must quit and get ready for work.  Happy birthday Harry Houdini. 

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