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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Editing Problem With Blogger

In all fairness this problem is most likely my lousy DSL and not a problem with Blogger, however it has occurred several times before my lastest bout of DSL difficulties and it happened again this morning prior to my DSL going down again. 

I frequently edit published posts.  I proof read the posts before publishing but I miss a lot of errors.  I often read things the next day and decide that my wording is too murky and will clean it up.  I usually have to fiddle with photo placement a good bit after the first publish.  I also run into new material that I want to add to my posts after the fact, sometime on very old posts.  So I can wear out a mouse clicking that editing pencil icon button at the bottom of a published post. 

For the past several weeks (very rainy—this could be limited to me and my junky DSL service) I have had a problem where the entire post does not load into the editing window.  If I do the edit, and save it, the portion of my post not loaded is gone forever.  That only happened once because I was lucky enough to realize the post had not completely loaded the other times, and just closed out window without saving.  Again I am very suspicious that this problem is caused by my crappy DSL service, but if it happens to me, it could happen to you also, hopefully not as frequently. 

Now when I open the editing window, I immediately scroll down to the end of the post and make sure it is all there.  I do this immediately because Blogger (at least the way I have it configured) auto-saves.  If all of my post is not there, I immediately close out the window or tab on my browser without saving the Blogger edit window.  So far doing this has preserved my original post.  I only had one post that I lost material because I had a quick edit at the beginning and I saved the post without realizing that the last half had not loaded into the editing window.  Another thing that I need to do is to back up my posts better with my word processor.  I usually write the longer posts on my word processor and paste them into Blogger, but seldom capture the final editing.
Again this problem most likely is caused by my DSL.  However even if it is a DSL problem, Blogger is not detecting the incomplete download and allowing material to be lost.  Keep an eye on your editing window!

EDIT 5-24-11:  I have not had another problem with partial loading since the phone company fixed the DSL last Friday.  So I would have to say the problem was my DSL, not Blogger. However, the point remains that Blogger did not detect the partial down load and merrily published a partial post, forever deleting half my text and photos.  Make sure your entire post loads into the editing window, as noted above.   

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