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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Anthered Glads & My Lucky Shot Lily

Note! Click on photos to view full size. 

This post is actually a comment to VW Busman's LaSalle River Ramblings, Garden Work post.

LaSalle River Ramblings--Garden Work

I can't post photos in a comment to a blog, so I put the comment over here where I can post photos

.My memory on this glad was wrong,  I remembered it being pink with blue anthers, actually blue pollen, note the pollen dusted on the lower petal.  These were taken in 2003 with my old 2MP Canon A-60.  That little camera took much better low light photos than my monsterous SX 20 IS which is a super zoom--it takes marvelous zoom photos, but low light performance is lackluster.

Here is a close up of the orange glad in the background

This is my lucky shot lily.  It was taken with the A-60 in 2003 also.  The blooms were in the middle of the flower patch, facing down, about 18 inches off the ground.  The A-60's screen is fixed, so there was no way I could see the picture without laying down on the rest of the flowers.   So I bent over, stuck the camera under the bloom and hoped for the best.  Centering is lousy but the photo turned out great.  This is the proof of the baby with a machine gun theory of digital photography.  Keep shooting, and sooner or later you will hit something. Out of the 15,000 photos I took with the A-60, there are probably 200 that are good photos.  The majority were so so, and a sizeable minority were unidentifiable.


  1. These are flowers at your Mom's house or your flowers ?
    Regarding the lily photo......that's the beauty of digital photography is it not ?? You can bang off umpteen bazillion shutter clicks and pick your best one in the end, unlike film days of old, where every shot had to count.

  2. Mother's house. I am too lazy to plant flowers.

  3. Oh............guess you wouldn't be a good customer for me then.

  4. Not entirely, we buy hanging pots every year and these long hanging plastic tubes with holes poked here and there with petunia poking out. But no I am not into flower beds and gardening. Too damned lazy and my back and knees are well beyond that sort of thing.

  5. Come to think of it..I don't believe I have seen a pic of your yard and house in all of your posts etc.... you do live somewhere don't you ??? I mean other than in the ethereal world of the internet ???

  6. My house and yard are very much like me, non-photogenic. Anonymity is golden.