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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Most Popular Images On My Blog

If you look at the side bar of my blog you will see a Popular Posts list that shows the 10 most popular posts.  I use a site called StatCounter to show the hits on the blog.  Alas StatCounter indicates that few people read anything here, they just look at the pictures and are gone within generally less that 30 seconds.  So what are they looking at?  Listed roughly in the order of popularity are the images that people look at.

Note!  Click on the image to view full size. 

 Number 1!  This and the image below account for about 80% of the traffic on my blog.

St Teresa Of Avila

Number 2.

Number 3.  

Number 4.

Number 5.  For some reason this image is very popular in the Philippines. Perhaps a lot of medical schools?  

Number 6.  The next three images are all in the same post.  I don't know which is the most popular, so I simply list them here as they appear in the post.  These images are popular in Europe but oddly not England.

LST, I owe my existence to Winston Churchill
Number 7.

LST, I owe my existence to Winston Churchill

Number 8.

Number 9.

Feynman Doodles

Number 10.

Number 11.

Number 12.

Number 13.

Number 14.

Number 15.

The above image only recently displaced this image as # 15. 

Image Credits are available at the original posts given in the link next to the image.

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