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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Coastal Times By Donna Callea

I finished Donna Callea's second novel New Coastal Times. Here is my review at Goodreads:

New Coastal TimesNew Coastal Times by Donna Callea

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although post apocalypse is not my bag, and I had some doubts about a 99 cent indie book, I was more that pleasantly surprised once again with Ms. Callea's works. She provides a realistic scenario of what happens when it not only rains but really pours. This is not some sci fi work with mutants and laser pistols. It considers what would happen if there was a Katrina, followed by a season of Katrinas followed by the big one in California and throw in some terrorism all in short order.

Not long into this book I came to the realization that Callea is a real writer and she has a knack with character development and the use of first person narrative. My fears of a 99 cent indie were unfounded. Being an old romantic fool, I liked her take on love, the emotion--not sex. We tend to confuse the two these days. She handled sexuality in a balanced and intelligent manner, and the sexuality served the love in the book, not replaced it.

All in all Ms. Callea did an excellent job of describing a very realistic world gone awry from the very personal viewpoint of an ordinary albeit intelligent young woman. Highly recommended.

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  1. Where's the review of " On Turning 65 " by John Jerome ????

  2. I get post apocalypse after every spring flood..............

  3. I never finished On Turning 65. I was reading it at the height of my "lions, tigers, and retirement oh my" days and got about 1/3 of the way through and it got laid down. The fact that I found out that he died didn't help either. Not that one shouldn't read the book because the author died, but I just found reading his words sometimes with an innocent optimism and to realize that he dies a miserable death two years later just really bothered me. That is going to be our winter project, remember?

    I think some of your flooding is indeed working on the same principle as what Callea described in her book.