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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Shoe Fetish And My Avatar

Lovely Red High Heel...ooooohh-la-la-la!

In another blog's comments I confessed a minor red shoe fetish on a discussion of Twitter.  Don't ask me how a reasonable discussion goes from Twitter to my red shoe fetish, but it did...Jo will be seeking to block my access:

Majority of Two, October 19, 2011, Are You A Twit?

Skanky Red High Heel, Sorry, this one doesn't do it.
Slutty not sexy. 

Why in the world would I announce to the world that I have a red shoe fetish? Well let's put this into perspective.  First of all it is a minor fetish, actually not even really a fetish.  I am not attracted to red high heel shoes in themselves.  And  NO, calm yourself,  I do not wear them!  I am attracted to my wife when she wears red high heel shoes, hmmm!   hmmm!  especially with black stockings, and slowly moving up her leg to her black lacy...whoa there Sextant. TMI!   So by definition, I really don't have a fetish per se...I am not replacing a woman with shoes, I just really like the woman in the shoes!  So it is not a fetish, but a color preference that just happens to send my brain into erotic chemical battle stations...Whoop Whoop Whoop. RED HEELS! RED HEELS....Little squirt dopamine!  Just a little now. Too much dopamine in your head is like too much oregano in the pasta sauce, it ruins the effect.  Alas I am a junky for dopamine and oxytocin and for that matter oregano as well--one of the divine spices.  One thing that must brought to light. I am a little picky about red high heels.  Anything over a 3 inch heel is no good.  Also no straps, bows, fluff balls, clear acrylic heels, or open toes.  The shoe at top of the page is perfect, conservative and sexy.   The shoe to the upper right is skanky and slutty--no good. Hey its my fetish and I will enjoy it in the manner I see proper.

Well the subject of red shoes got me to thinking of my old Geocaching days.  Our Geocaching name was Red Shoe & The Navigator.  I have often been criticized for not providing photos of myself on my blog.  Well I found some photos of my wife and I that I used on our Geocaching profile page.  I will include them here.

Annual Picnic

Here we are at the annual company picnic while I was still working.  That's me with the large martini glass in center and my wife in the red shoes at my side.  Incidentally, when I posted these on the caching page, I always blocked out the goodies.  It was family site. 

Another scene from the picnic, my son has a bladder problem, and that is my wife filling my glass. 

 My wife and I from back when I was touring with the rock band.
The next one I never used.  Oh but how I was tempted.  It is even a bit explicit for here, hence the blackout.  Sorry.

Surprise visit from friends and family during our honeymoon. 

Here is a dinner party from last year.  I had too much wine and couldn't resist that white low cut dress.

Dinner Party 

On the board the board walk on our honey moon.

On the boardwalk, our honeymoon.

Having fun at Coney Island. 
Well I didn't use this one either.  But here we are visiting a winery in the fall of 2009.

At the winery, whoa watch that heel dear. 

Here we have Luncheon At The Cache.  My wife did this one with crayons. There is a story behind this that involves a true life caching saga,  but we won't go into that.

This image is based on the infamous Manet painting Luncheon on The Grass.

Luncheon On The Grass
This painting caused an uproar in French society.  You can read about it here in Wikipedia:

And last but not least the painting that is the source of my avatar.

I even like this painting for my book club avatar, although I left the red shoes out for that one.

Sextant, You spend too much time reading that damned Kindle. 

Edit: 10-21-11: I found this painting at the site Alicia mentioned in her comment below.  I couldn't resist.

Sextant and other husbands pick up their wives at Lady Busman's
Thursday Afternoon Wine Circle. 

Image Credits

Lovely Red High Heel:

Skanky Red High Heel:

Lady Busmans Wine Circle: That is Priceless, October 16, 2011, Masterpiece # 694


  1. Marvelous post. The red heels at the top are probably too pricey for the average non-slut while the fancy ones are probably as cheap as the woman who chooses to wear them. The pictures are absolutely hilarious. Inspires me to learn how to use my cheapie camera. I'm forwarding this to a few friends who'll adore it. Old Baguette

  2. Thank you Old Baguette. I thought a devout Catholic girl such as yourself would be offended by the overt eroticism. Damn, failed again!

    I don't know the price of the top shoe. The second shoe is $36.00 if you click the link under image credits. All man made materials, made by different vendors, actual shoe may differ slightly from pictured. You can pick them!

    The top shoe was in Wikipedia not on sale. It is a lovely lovely shoe.

    All the images here were lifted off the internet. Camera not used. The ones I used in my Geocaching profile pages had links at the time that I did the profile page but are long gone now.

  3. This was hilarious! It reminds me of a blog that I visit once in a while that spoofs paintings like this. You might enjoy it. Here is the link.

    How did you paint red shoes on? What program? Just genius it!

  4. Alicia:
    Wow, cool site. I already downloaded a painting. with vast potential! Thanks.

    I have a very powerful albeit extremely complicated photo processing program that Dell bundled in my computer. Completely useless! All I do bungle around in it and can't figure out how to use it or even exit it. Alas I simply use Microsoft Paint, which for a freebee in Windows does have some capabilities--not much--but very simple to use. So I just zoom the painting up big and paint on the red shoes just like you would draw them on paper. Drawing the Kindle was a little tricky, Paint is a rather blunt tool.

    We had an engineer at work that would make simple mechanical drawings with dimensions with Paint and the drawing tool in Word. What kept him from going stark raving mad is beyond me. We had Autocad on our computers...far too complicated for the occasional user. I did my drawings with Visio. Very simple to use and you could zoom in to something in the order of thousands to precisely position an object. Real handy for schematics, instrument process diagrams, and piping diagrams which is the bulk of what I did. Very useful for the casual user.

  5. I remember this story from long ago and far away. Sextant you're letting all your trade secrets out.
    Like the comments on that winery picture, a little too close for comfort.
    An excellent post as always.

  6. Bussman Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, high heels (any color) can be hazardous.

  7. Bussman & Alicia I added an edit using a painting from the site Alicia posted in her comment.

    See the bottom of the post.

  8. Wow, and all I do on Thursdays is get a $10 Salad! I'd much rather have attended this Lady Bussman Wine Circle! I've always admired people that can come up with captions on photos or paintings like you just did Sextant. That's a true talent!

  9. Love the pix-- and the red heels. You and your wife are such a fun couple, Sextant.

  10. Alicia- You may find the commute to Lady Busman's Thursday Afternoon Wine Circle a bit prohibitive. It is in Manitoba, Canada. Her Ladyship Red Shoe attends only in my imagination.

    Thanks for the kind comments.

  11. Donna

    My wife used to protest a bit with some of these, which usually had somewhat seedy albeit make believe story attached to it. But she soon learned the best way to handle a tease is to ignore it. The woman has the patience of Job.

    Thanks for commenting.

  12. Okay, that confirms it. You are nuts. Yup. Certifiable. Should be in the padded cell... okay, your wife can go too, but only if you are both in the cell next to mine. We can pass notes back and forth.

  13. Jeannette!

    What? I don't understand.

    Not sure about that adjacent cell thing. If they have my wife and I in the same padded cell, and they allow her to have her red heels, Oh dear! We are liable to put that padding to good use. A good nights rest might be problematic.