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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll Have Another Wins The 137th Preakness

"I'll Have Another" jockeyed again by Mario Guitierrez repeated his Kentucky Derby performance and blazed past the favored Bodemeister in the last 100 yards of the 137 Preakness Stakes At Pimlico Race Course at Baltimore.  The win was a little tighter than the Derby, only by a neck.  Mike Smith on Bodemeister knew what to expect and gave Guitierrez a difficult challenge, both horses pulled far ahead of third place Creative Cause, but "I'll have Another" managed to pull ahead of Bodemeister in the very last seconds of the race.

My previous favorite, Union Rags was not entered in the race.  I of course missed seeing the trainers hat.   

"I'll Have Another" and Guitierrez now have two of the three jewels for the triple crown. I am hoping that they can break the 34 year gap since Affirmed won the crown in 1978.  

The last race of the the Triple Crown will be the Belmont Stakes which runs on June 9.  

Congratulations and good luck to "I'll Have Another" and Mario Guitierrez.

The video below is "I'll Have Another's" win at the Kentucky Derby on May 5.   

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  1. Is horse racing in your blood? Or betting on the ponies?
    I myself have never been to a horse race, doesn't really interest me much.

    Just prior to getting married, my wife stayed at a farm where they raised pure bred Arabian horses. I used to help around there with whatever chores needed doing. Nice animals. That's my total lifelong exposure to ponies.

    1. Well I picked the horse that I wanted to win the Derby on the basis that I liked the horse's name and the trainer's hat. So do you think horse racing is in my blood?

      As far as betting goes, let's see. In 1972 i played a one armed bandit in Vegas for a buck's worth of nickels. In 1990 the state lottery was exceptionally high. The guys at work blamed me for never winning because I was the only guy that never got into their pooled tickets. Under pressure for 3 hours, I relented and gave them a dollar. We won! For 50 cents each. They would not give back my winnings and replayed it. A rough calculation puts my thus far accrued life time lottery winnings at $16,495. That is based on the $1.00 a day that I have not spent on the lottery since I turned 18. Those winnings are a sure bet. If you do not buy a ticket you can't possibly lose, ergo you won. So to be honest I have to subtract $2.00. Other than fire department raffle tickets which is a donation rather than a bet, I have gambled exactly $2.00 in my life--which I deeply regret. One time I did win a large pink panther, from some raffle a girl was selling at college. I was more interested in the girl than the raffle prizes. Without making too huge of an ass of myself, unusual when it came to anything to do with girls, I jokingly linked my ticket purchase to what she was doing Friday night. She said, I will be having dinner with my husband and daughter...oh. A casual glance to her left hand ring finger, and by god...yes sir ere Bob...I just managed to make a small and polite ass of myself.

      I have a sickness when it comes to gambling. I fall into a deep depression over losing. Well at least I did for the two bucks that I officially gambled away in my life. I still mourn their loss. So that was a long answer for no I don't bet the ponies.

      My wife loves horses and we just happen to stumble across one of the triple crown races every now and again. It doesn't occupy a whole hell of lot of time--2 minutes. I have never been to a horse race. Normally I wouldn't have posted but the Derby loss, based on my love for a hat, was disaster 2 on Cinco de Mayo. So this year I will post again on the June 9 for the Belmont. But no I am not into horse racing, but I do like this horse and jockey. Watch the last few seconds of the Preakness at the top. Bodemeister is fighting hard when you watch both horses pull away from Creative Cause, but I'll Have Another just pulls ahead. What a magnificent horse. Bodemeister is a good horse and will be trying hard to deny I'll Have Another the crown. Union Rags may be back...fresh from not running the Preakness. I really do hope that I'll Have Another wins the crown.

      So did you help at the farm because of the horses or because of the girl? How romantic, Bussman shovels tons of horse shit to win the hand of his fair lady! Throw a little BDSM into that story and you might have the next New York Times best seller.

    2. Helped out at the farm on both accounts. #1 for Anita and #2 because of my love for machinery (& animals in general), got to operate tractors, trucks and the like.
      So a win win situation for Busman, and by all accounts I'm still in that win win situation.....still have the girl and lots more machinery. Life is good.

    3. Yeah but now you have no horses and horse shit to shovel! Life improves. The girl is a keeper. The machinery, well thank God you are not as lazy as I am. Life is good...because we have wonderful women navigating along with us.