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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Scrooge

Google Doodle New Years Day 2013

I commented on Olga's blog and it seemed appropriate with my dearth of posts here lately to post something about New Years.  I covered this a couple of years ago so I will make this somewhat short and bittersweet.  

I have always despised New Years.  To me it was a celebration of the end of holidays and the return to poohey old work in a very bleak and dismal month.   If I had my way every idiot babbling Happy New Years would be boiled in his own pudding and buried with the stem of a martini glass through his heart.  No longer working, and being on the doorstep of the autumn of my life, I tend to feel the cold winds of a not far enough away mortality starting to blow in my direction.  The ghosts of many a new years past which have been squandered are beginning to haunt me.   Is it so hard to toast to one's health for the new year?  

As such I have come to a grudging respect if not for the holiday at least for the people who do wish one another a happy new year.  If I could put my thoughts to music it would sound like this:

Yes, I know it is the wrong year, but this rendition had the best sound quality so close your eyes and listen.  Then embrace and kiss some one you love, and give thanks for their presence in your life.  

To all my wonderful blogging friends, thank you for following me and tolerating my eccentricities.  I promise only to become weirder as time goes on.  Happy New Years to you and your loved ones, may 2013 be your best year ever.  

Here is my previous new years rant:  



  1. Happy New Year Sextant. As they say, "Hope springs eternal". That's why we say happy new year, because we really and truly hope that the new year will be happy.

    I loved listening to your thoughts in the form of music, very pleasant and happy and filled with hope.

  2. Awwww, I went back and read your 2010 rant and I noticed that the dear Old Baguette was the 2nd commenter and it made me cry to see her write that Auld Lang Syne made her cry. She is missed!

    1. Alicia,

      Glad you enjoyed the tune, and yes, hope springs eternal. I saw Old Baguette's comment as well...she is a character. "Blubbering" the Old Baguette like. She must be on another secret mission for the CIA or something. She is one of my oldest internet friends and yet if you added all the time up I think it would be hard pressed to add up to two months. With us for a week then off on Planet X for 6 months--not heard from. Maybe she is an angel.

      Have a happy new year Alicia...thanks for dropping by and being a great friend.

  3. are starting the New Year off with a #1 on Jan. 01....excellent.
    And stand as long as you can on the doorstep of autumn....time enough to trudge thru the snowdrifts of winter.
    Retirements great isn't it? Lots of time to write blog posts!

    Always good to see what's on your plate and your sharing of same.

    Maybe you and I should get a theme going for I dunno....interesting buildings, bridges, landmarks, from our past, present..?? Places, things of interest from surrounding environs.?? Or..??
    From time to time I still go back to those photographs from Charles Cushman at
    I can stare at those images forever.....

    All the best Sextant for a super duper New Year for you and your family.
    From Busman of the north.

    1. Oh that Google Doodle for New Years Day.........

      I liken myself to the capitol G standing there staring out the window at the morning of the new day.......

      How's the for some early morning philosophical BS ?? lol

    2. Here's another web site I follow on a daily basis........can't get enough of this stuff.

    3. Busman,

      Always an honor to have visitors from the northern steppes. Indeed if I am going to make it to 99 I have to resist stepping though that door way. 99 may prove to be ambitious, but at least it is a goal that keeps a comfortable third between my self and the grim reaper for the time being. So much nicer than a fifth. The hell of it is that the third will rip along like the freight train from hell. One of my holiday thoughts is always, how long was it since the last holiday. When I was a child Santa came once in a blue moon, now he comes with frightening regularity.

      The bad thing about retirement is the clocks are still running on weekend time. I don't have a dreaded job to return them to normal time. The hours fly by. Perhaps I should take up reading poetry or studying a foreign language (things that I hate) to slow the damn clocks down. I have contemplated getting out one of my old math text books and try to teach myself mathematics. Actually do the problems. I was one of those kids that when we did all the odd problems, found 1 thru 5 to be easy. Seven was hard, nine impossible and 11 on to be written in symbology from another galaxy. May be my goal should be to keep working until I can understand how to do problem # 17. The bitch of doing math problems with the answers in the back of the book was that math was the only subject that having an answer was useless. Every notice they didn't have the answers in the back of the book for any other subject. #9 What is the capital of the USSR? You couldn't find Moscow written in the back of the book. At one time in my childhood I stood on the doorway to being one of world's greatest theoretical physicists. Then I had to take algebra and I kissed my nobel prize good bye forever.

      Well actually I should have plenty to keep me busy in 2013. In 2014 I will turn 65 and have to be on Medicare...if there is anything left of it after the fiscal cliff. So I can probably start reading up on it now. Do daily internet searches on what paragraphs XXXIV, 17-b, 132 a thru f mean. It might be simpler just to drop dead.

      Well Busman as I said, always an honor. I hope indeed that 2013 is indeed super duper for the denizens of both the LaSalle and the Allegheny watersheds. A little less snow would be a great start.

    4. Cool site, I love the advertisement for the 1935 Auburn. Look at that gang of women breaking into a run...

      Me, born too late and too damned poor.

      I booked marked that site, thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy New Year, Sextant. We love those eccentricities of yours! ;-) Keep on enjoying all that we are given!

    1. Phil,

      Thanks for the kind comment and good wishes. The eccentricities are almost guaranteed...a controlled dementia perhaps. Yes, you and Bussman have reminded me that the joy in life is not in the south of France or Disneyworld but rather right down by that railroad track or out in the meadow with the wild flowers and butterflies. Its not accident that both you guys are John Jerome readers.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Phil. I hope 2013 is a great year for you.

    2. Oh Phil, check out those two websites that Bussman refers to above, I think you will like them.

  5. Here's to being eccentric and weird. It's what makes life fun!

    1. Carol,

      Yes it is fun being eccentric and weird. So here to a long life of fun. Happy New Year Carol.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Happy New Year!
    May it be a really good one.

    1. Sarah,

      And a happy new year to you and your family. May 2013 improve. Always an honor Sarah, thanks for stopping by and commenting.