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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Without Fear by Eustace Chesser

Note: For an actual review of the book see my post, Love Without Fear...Round Two.

Here is another book review from Goodreads.  Published in 1947, Love Without Fear is long out of print but still available used from Amazon's secondary vendors, see link below.  This review is really another one of my stories involving the birds and bees from my youth.  We did read the book, but I don't remember much from 50 years ago other than total fascination.  

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Love without Fear by Eustace Chesser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a teenager, my friend inherited a well read copy of this book from his friend who inherited it from his friend and so forth.  My buddy kept it hidden in his sleeping bag for our camping forays in the woods below our neighborhood.  Camping out in the woods, we rubes would sit around the campfire, and instead of telling ghost stories, my friend who had a knack for reading aloud and something of a radio announcer's voice, would read Love Without Fear to us.  As such, I suppose I should be reviewing the audible edition.   Believe me, it fired our young imaginations with the mystery of the world.  No illustrations...alas...some critical areas remained strictly imaginary.  My goodness what a magnificent way to reproduce.  

This and All about the Human Body were the only sources of sex ed that I received as a youth.

My rating is that of a 14 year old boy charmed with notion of what wonderful things awaited me in the future.

I remember very little about the book, so view my gushing rating with a jaded eye.  The book was written in 1947, pre Kinsey and pre Masters and Johnson.

My parents were married in 1947.  Being a member of the post war baby boom, I am convinced, along with the rest of my generation, that we invented sex sometime during the late 60s.  As such I just bought a used copy off of Amazon and intend to find out what the process was that my parents used to conceive me.  

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You can buy a used copy here:, Love Without Fear


  1. Stork? Cabbage patch? Weren't we all so brilliant to invent sex in the sixties, though!

    1. Olga,

      A comparison of birth rates of the "greatest generation" and their progeny, we boomers, would seem to indicate that sex was actually invented in late 1945 or early 1946 or maybe there was just a lot more storks and cabbage patches after the Second World War.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I learned about the birds and the bees from our local Catholic priest during Catechism. I remember listening to a tape and then a very uncomfortable Q & A. Then I remember rushing home to grab my sister and rushing her into our parents car and locking the doors while I educated her from my vast knowledge. She's lucky to have me!

    1. Learning about the birds and the bees from a Catholic priest seems to be a theoretical solution to a practical problem--something on the order of hiring a philosopher to remodel your home. Let me guess, the discussion was rather heavy on sin and light on plumbing details or "congress" as Eustace calls it.

      During the Q & A, who asked the questions?

      It was good practice to have locked the doors on the car. America was just crawling with Commie spies back then. Your secrets remained safe. Indeed, your sister is lucky to have you. Did she put your vast knowledge to good use?

      Great comment Alicia, thanks for sharing.