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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cool Pillow

Image Credit: cafe press

Here is a cool gift idea for the person who has everything.

The Scrotum Thermogram Throw Pillow.

Not only is it a colorful work of art but it is a scientifically factual.  The image is a thermogram,  imagery produced by an infra-red camera.  The colors are produced by the camera's software, and are used to delineate variations in temperature. The red areas are the warmest, and the blue are the coolest.

Typical body temperatures are not conducive to sperm production.  As such the testis are descended in warm blooded mammals, and as this pillow so dramatically illustrates, are a good bit cooler thus ensuring fertility.  Thermograms can be used as a clinical aid in fertility and urology.

Show the world that you are cool, get your Scrotum Thermogram Throw Pillow at cafe press for $24.50.

cafe press, Scrotum Thermogram Throw Pillow   


  1. Gee, doesn't quite fit in with the color scheme of my home.
    Only you.

    1. Color schemes are over rated. Where is your sense of avant garde?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Olga.

  2. you get a pillow with a thermogram of your scrotum or is it just a generic stranges scrotum? I kinda like the colors!

    1. Alas generic stranger's. It is a stock photo from the Science Photo Library.

      BTW cafe press carries other items sporting this image: bags (no pun intended), travel mugs, cocktail plates.

      Such an assortment of products should certainly qualify for a "I wanna Wednesday" purchase.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Alicia.

    2. Hahaha, that's a good one. I think it would make a good Iwanna Wed! I have been wanting to add more color in my living room, this certainly would do that.

    3. Yes and think of the wonderful conversations you could have with family and friends rewarding testicular thermogradients and spermatogenesis thus turning your living room into a salon for intellectual discussion of all stripes..

    4. Ha! Yeah, I just don't see that happening :)