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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

Carpenter House
First Violet This Spring
Photos of some sure signs of spring taken near the Carpenter House in Boyce Park near Monroeville, Pennsylvania on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

Note! Click on the photo to see full size.

Skunk Cabbage

The Skunk Cabbage Patch

Unexpected  Mushrooms
New May Apples, Note Large Flower Bud


  1. Very nicely done. do I get the headings under the photographs ?

    Mayflowers ?? W hat does this plant grow tall, what kind of flower ? Judging by its size now..this must get to be a ginormous plant ?

    Skunk cabbage ??? Never heard of it ?

    These pics near this where you live or how close is this to your residence ? Walking distance ? Or ?

    Again, nice pics. But I'm a sucker for photographs.
    You could lead me down any garden path you want with photos.
    Lovely, lovely, lovely...................

  2. I am losing my mind. I called those may flowers, they are may apples. They get a white flower with a yellow center that blooms under the leaf. They will probably get to 12 inches tall. The leaf opens out like a flat umbrella. The one on the right is about fully grown.