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Friday, December 20, 2013

Solution to Google Doodle 100th Anniversary of The Crossword Puzzle

NOTE! Edit 12/22/13:  Google took the Doodle down on Sunday 12/22/13.  If you missed it or want to try it again, you can find a fully operational interactive version here:

You will still get the Congratulations box shown below when you correctly complete the puzzle. 

Today, Friday 12/20/13, the Google Doodle is an interactive crossword puzzle celebrating the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle on this weekend.  You can read about how Arthur Wynne created the first crossword puzzle 100 years ago for the New York World newspaper here:

Christian Science Monitor, December 20, 2013, Crossword inventor honored with puzzling Google doodle

Supposedly Google is not going to publish the solved puzzle, leaving that up to users.  I did the puzzle and my solution is shown below.  Warning, I am not very good at crossword puzzles!  I only cheated a little wee bit.  I am curious to see how many hits I generate on this post this weekend.

I found this site to be helpful with the solution:

EDIT:  When you solve the puzzle correctly, you will see this notification:

Sorry, the time was too embarrassing!


Rev 1, Wrong... See Rev 2
Click On Image To Enlarge

Indeed I had mistake in 51 down, 56 and 61 across.  Here is Rev 2 but I still didn't get a time from Google, so there must be another error.

Rev 2, Still Wrong... See Rev 3
Rev 2 Still Wrong! 

Rev 3, Tah Dah!  Correct!
Rev 3  Correct at last!

OK I finally got my time from Google and that will remain unpublished!   Rev 3 is correct!

EDIT: Midnight (Friday/Satuday) 12/21/13  This post was published at 6:47 PM on Friday 12/20/13.  It is now midnight (5 hours and 13 minutes later) and the post had 1018 page views.   My normal traffic is between 20 to 50 page views a day!

EDIT 12/21/13 This post has received 4500 hits in the first 24 hours that it has been posted.

EDIT Midnight (Saturday/Sunday) 12/22/13: Today this blog received 5555 hits (StatCounter).  My previous record was something like 250.  This post has received 5927 hits  (Blogger) since I published it on Friday 12/20/13.

EDIT 12/24/13 Tuesday,  12:40 AM  On Sunday the blog received 869 hits (StatCounter).  The post has received a total of 6673 hits (Blogger).  On Monday  the blog received 468 hits (StatCounter).  The post has received a total of 7015 hits (Blogger).  Here is the graphic screen from StatCounter.

StatCounter For Google Crossword Puzzle Solution

You can see my normal traffic on the left Tuesday thru Thursday.  Friday, the post was up for 5 hours. Saturday through Monday were for 24 hours each day.  


  1. You didn't get it correct. Google tells you your time when you get it right. Hint: your bottom left corner is wrong.

  2. Thanks, Whoop! I fixed it but alas it must still be wrong because I did not get a time. I should stick to Sudoku, but I am not too good at that either!

  3. 28 is incorrect. but thanks for your help on a few that I was stumped on.

  4. ChicagoCooking, yes I got it about 10 minutes ago and then went through a formatting fiasco. Rev 3 is now correct. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Replies
    1. Customer Service, you are welcome. I hope it helped! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. I did it on Friday too and had a lot wrong and never had time to get back to it, but I still had a lot of them that I didn't know. This was a pretty good Google Doodle!

    1. Alicia,

      If you want to take another stab at it, it is still available fully functional, see the first link above. You don't have to finish it on the spot it will hold your answers (probably by a cookie so it would have to be the same computer). It was a cool doodle. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    2. I did it, the only thing is I went back to finish it and I only had to change a few things and the time it gave me was 12 seconds...I know that's not right :)

    3. Twelve seconds! You are a grand master!

  7. They need to do one with a British-style cryptic crossword. That'd throw all of America into a blind panic ;-)

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    1. Christie, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.

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