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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Doodle, 450th Anniversary of St Basil's Cathedral

Today's Google Doodle is commemorating the 450th anniversary of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.  Wikipedia has an amazingly detailed article on the cathedral and its complex architecture and history:

Wikipedia, St Basil's Cathedral

It also has some good images, both photos and historic paintings of the cathedral.  The photo to the right just blew me away.  I copied only the preview image here because the full size image is running over 5MB.  Go to the link below and revel in the full size version of this photo, nothing short of magnificent (at least to a slob like me).

Wikipedia, St Basil's At Night

If you find, like I did, the Wikipedia article to be a bit much to chew, try the site below.  It has a much briefer description and history of the cathedral, and has more images to feast ones eyes upon.  I am amazed about the story of an architect named Baranovsky threatening to cut his throat when Stalin was going to destroy the building to allow his troops to march out of Red Square.  Stalin showed amazing restraint in this particular case.  Thank God for Baranovsky's courage.  It must have been divine intervention, because Stalin rarely let any one's throat interfere with his plans. 

Sacred Destinations, St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

This is another great Google Doodle, highlighting something that we have all seen, yet know very little about and to me demonstrates the value of Google Doodles to "edify and entertain."   

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  1. I clicked on the full size version. Wow...... that's some edifice. Looks like some of our Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedrals we have here in Manitoba. Maybe not quite as colourful as these Russian ones. Lots of opulence.
    Cool stuff.
    Yes, Google Doodles are entertaining and edifying as you say. Something I never knew about the Doodles until you enlightened me.